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Town Hall Protestors – they did themselves no favours

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Town Hall Protestors – they did themselves no favours

If you take time the read the so called “barnet blogs” you will be painted a one sided picture of events of the full council meeting on Tuesday. The reality was very different.
Yes there was a small protest outside – the same people we see most full council and cabinet meetings.
Yes there was lots of heckling – again by the same people but this time it was embarrassing to themselves and did their argument no favours at all. It was so over the top and we ran out of time debating the one barnet motion – which was a real shame.
At the break I met with John Burgess of Unison. He introduced me two of his colleagues whose names sadly I have forgotten. I hope they don’t mind me saying that they looked embarrassed by what was going on and one of the ladies tried to point out to me that not all the members of their union were like this.
I passionately believe that what we are doing is the right thing – and it is obvious that they are passionate in their views – but Tuesdays performance by a small group of people did themselves no favours.
It must be remembered that we are in this situation and forced down this path because of the former Labour Government – whom I am sure many of the protestors supported.

2 Responses to Town Hall Protestors – they did themselves no favours

  1. Mrs Angry, Broken Barnet blog says:
    If you cannot understand why people are driven to such a point of anger and frustration then really you need to accept that you are totally unsuited to a life in politics. At every turn the Tory council has shut down any opportunity for real engagement with residents, and this is the result. People feel passionately about their borough, their families, their lives and their future.
    If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
  2. robertrams says:
    Its funny you use this term “people” – by people you mean the same activists who turn up to every meeting and shout insults – and by “people” you mean who their very own union leaders were embarrassed by
  3. Rog T says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Robert, as you know I attended the meeting on Tuesday. The person who sat next to me was a Rabbi, who hadn’t attended a meeting before. There was also a trustee from a local healthcare charity, a representative from the Barnet traders as well as several other traders. I also met a trustee from a Sri Lankan charity which I am involved with who has never been to a council meeting before. I am sorry to say that none of these people are what you may call “the same activists”. As you know I’ve been attending meetings for several years. To suggest that the same people always go is a complete distortion of the truth. As to “shouting insults”, I have posted video footage and you can hear quite clearly that it is not insults being shouted but observations on the performance of councillors.

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